If you have young children at home, Halloween is one of the best times of the year! What’s not to love…decorating, costumes, parties, candy! But this year, all the rules got tossed into a candy bag. Many families will be struggling with how to handle this most haunted event. We’ve listed some alternatives that might just be what the scary doctor ordered!

Host an outdoor movie. If you have a movie projector, throw up a screen or sheet over the garage door, space out some chairs and throw in a classic movie for all ages. You can give each kid his/her own candy treat bag too.

Put on a parade. Let those kiddos (pets too!) show off their costumes by marching down the street and around the block to a crowd of adoring parents. You can throw tissue streamers as they walk by for even more excitement. Have the parade leaders blast their favorite Halloween songs.

No trick treats. While it may be a little more work, individually wrap treats into treat bags and leave them on a table for little hands to grab after they ring the bell. This way neither of you will need to get too close to give and receive the treats. 

Decorate early and eerily. This is the one time it is ok to up your neighbor! Start early in the month and have each home decorate their front yard, balcony or porch creepier and scarier than the others! Then on Halloween, if you choose not to trick or treat, you can walk the neighborhood and enjoy the spooky spirits from the sidewalk.

Put it all on hold. If you’re really uncomfortable with the whole trick or treating shenanigans, simply turn off your light and enjoy some fun family time inside by baking, watching movies, telling scary stories and reading spooky books. In the grand scheme, your kids may remember this cozy inside Halloween as the best of them all.

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