Preparing for Back to School

Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to start transitioning the whole family from summers hours of staying up late to getting ready to wake up early. And you’ll also need to prepare an existing area or designate a new one for homework. Maybe you make use of a spot at the kitchen island or perhaps you’ve created a home study area in a nook or your kids’ rooms. Regardless, it’s time to organize for the inevitable and consider these suggestions to arrange for a productive and efficient homework zone.

Good Lighting. Ideally this area will have access to a window for natural light and fresh air, but at the very least make sure you have ample overhead and desk lamps for those late night study sessions.

Organization. When you plan this study area, consider adding baskets and compartments for items your kids will use often like pens, pencils, glue sticks and scissors. You can color code them for each child and be sure to encourage them to put everything back when they’re done to ensure a tidy area when they sit down to work.

Kid Involvement. Let your students have input into what they think will work best for them. Maybe they want shelving or cubes and boards for special projects and papers they’ve done. Letting them have a say in how their area will be set up will give them a sense of pleasure in the finished result…and maybe encourage them to use it without being asked!

Technology. As you design your schoolwork zone, be sure there are multiple power and USB outlets for their devices, lamps, printers, computers, etc., and make sure you have ample charging cords, so everything is ready for them when they sit down to do their homework. Consider a surge protecting power strip for the more expensive items like the printer, desktop and laptop.

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