Designing the Perfect Back Yard Space

Because of our beautiful sunny days, coastal breezes and warm days, outdoor living is one of the many reasons people choose (and love!) to live in Southern California. So, designing a useable and fun backyard space fits right into this dream lifestyle. You’ll want a space that can easily accommodate dining to fun to relaxing and with these tips, you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space as much as your indoor space!

Get Inspired. Peruse sites like HGTV, Pinterest and outdoor design magazines for ideas you may not have even thought about. There are also some great TV design shows that concentrate on outdoor spaces. Make a list of what you need and what you think you’d love to have.

Call in the Professionals. Once you determine your wish list, call in some professionals to help you to determine how much money you’ll need to spend and maybe even see what parts you can do yourself. They’ll probably give you some other ideas or alternatives to what you already want. You’ll also find out if you can realistically fit in all the features you want. 

Think Beyond the Back Yard. If you find you may not have enough space for all your garden desires, look to other areas outside you can utilize. Maybe you have an extra-large side yard or a courtyard that is perfect for a water feature or firepit. 

Prioritize your Needs. Once you hear how much time or money your back yard may require, you may have to pare it down. Decide what is most important to you and your family. Is it outdoor dining? A play structure? A vegetable garden? A large seating area? In an ideal scenario you can have all of it, but you may need to prioritize what your immediate needs are. 

Get the Right Approvals. If your community has a homeowner’s association, be sure to follow the correct procedures to obtain the appropriate approvals from your neighbors. And then of course invite them over when it’s completed!

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