Creating a Backyard Garden

Now that you’ve moved into a new Cornerstone Communities home, you may be looking at your backyard as a blank canvas ready and waiting for your green thumb!  Even if your thumb is not as green as it could be, you can still attempt an outdoor garden. And if you require a little extra help maintaining it through the use of a landscape service, no one ever has to know. Answer these questions so you can determine if this is a hobby you want to tackle.

What do you want to grow? Do you want to fill your home with fresh cut flowers? Are you a cook always looking for a particular fresh spice? Do you love the idea of farm-to-table cooking for you and your family? The choice is ultimately up to you and what is best for your lifestyle.

Do you have the space? If you have a grassy area, determine how much of that you’re willing to dedicate to your plants. If having ample lawn space for entertaining, a play area, etc. is more important than growing vegetables or flowers, plan it accordingly. If you only have a terrace, then consider how many pots you’ll need and placement of those.

Do you have the patience? If you decide to create a garden on your own or with the “help” of your small children, be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is the bounty you’ll reap, the fresh flowers in your home, the vegetables you prepare for dinner along with the incredible satisfaction you’ll enjoy. The bad and the ugly include unwanted pests, weeding and the plant fails you’ll sometimes encounter.

Do you want to put in the work? For some, working with the earth and bringing life from seeds in incredibly rewarding. And it may be a love parents hope to pass on to their children. But it does come with a lot of work and care. Even if you have timed irrigation set up for watering, you’ll have to dedicate a small part of each day or two inspecting and giving TLC to your garden.

Do you have the right light? If you want a yard bursting with blooms, make sure you have the right sunlight during the day to accommodate each plant’s needs. If your garden is north facing and sunshine is not abundant during the day, there are plenty of beautiful flowers that will still give you gorgeous color. You’ll have to do some research, however, to determine which will work best in your yard.

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