If you’re moving into your new house near the end of January or the beginning of February you need to stop and remember that a very important and romantic day is just around the corner…Valentine’s Day! But what if your house is floor-to-ceiling in boxes and you’re too pooped to go out. We have some amorous ideas to make the best of your less than ideal surroundings.

No TV or cable yet? Stream it! If a romcom is your favorite way to spend a nice night in, then open your laptop, hook up a little blue tooth speaker and stream your favorite film. Pick up some premade popcorn, and you’ve got all the makings of a snuggly movie night.

Dance the night away. If your stereo components are still packed, simply stream your favorite romantic music play list and play it on your phone or a blue tooth speaker and dance throughout the rooms in your new home.

Go for an evening stroll. Since you’re new to your area, grab a flashlight, some warm clothes and head outside. Sometimes it’s even more fun to explore in the evenings where you may see animals and birds you might not see during in daylight. Hold hands and enjoy your new community you now call home.

Dine on the floor. Since your table, dishes, silverware and pretty much everything else you need to eat could still be in a box, it’s time to be creative. Throw a blanket on the floor or over a sturdy box and enjoy a take-out meal from a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try and a bottle of (screw-top) wine. Don’t forget to pick up all the necessary knives, forks, glasses, condiments and napkins when you get your food.

Of course. you can always go out for Valentine’s Day, but there’s something very special about celebrating it in your new home. With a little imagination and a lot of love, this might be your most romantic Valentine’s Day ever in your new Cornerstone Communities home.