Must Haves for a Chef’s Kitchen

Even if you didn’t attend culinary school, you may love to cook just as much as a Michelin starred chef. If you’ve dreamed of a ‘chef’s kitchen,’ you’ll want to make sure you include these built-ins or items at home. With these tools, along with your cooking prowess, you’ll be cooking and serving in gourmet style in no time. Bon appetit!

The best knives. Quality knives are essential. A good chef will always have an excellent chef’s knife, serrated knife and paring knife within reach. Once you settle on a brand you love, slowly build up your collection to include other options like a boning knife and steak knives.

Quality pots and pans. Even though we novice cookers love our non-stick pots and pans, real chefs love stainless steel because of its strength and ability to withstand high temperatures. And if space allows, hang them for easy access and aesthetic.

Ample and clear counters. You’ll want to have lots of counter space for food prep and serving. But if your kitchen is on the small side, just make sure what you do have is clear. This may mean fewer decorations and storing items in cabinets, but if cooking is truly your hobby, you’ll appreciate the space being uncluttered.

Multiple water sources. Ideally, you’ll have a faucet over the stove and multiple sinks – one for dishes and one for food. A popular spot for an additional sink would be in a kitchen island surrounded by countertop.

Other luxuries. Not every kitchen has the space for these appliances, but if you do and budget isn’t a concern invest in multiple dishwashers, a subzero fridge and a gas range with higher BTUs.

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