Spring Clean Your Car or SUV

When it comes to spring cleaning, usually the first place that comes to mind is your home. But look outside towards the driveway. Your automobile might appreciate a little love after a long winter. Maybe you’ve taken a few trips to the mountains or a cool trip to the desert – in any case, it may need a little deep cleaning to get ready for the warmer months when you can roll down the windows, open the sunroof and just cruise. Here are some areas to focus on for the coolest and cleanest ride in your neighborhood.

  1. Start with a blank canvas by removing everything from the car including floor mats, receptacles, car seats, etc. Empty the trunk as well.
  1. Using a water-based cleaner (avoiding ones with oils), rub and scrub hard surfaces and all the nooks and crannies where candy, sticky food and spilled drinks may have landed. Wipe away the dust on the dash, seatbelts and seats.
  1. With a non-ammonia based cleaner or vinegar and water, spray and wipe down all the glass including mirrors and windows. If the interior glass items have electric components built in, spray your cloth first and then wipe them down.
  1. Grab the hose, a scrub brush and some environmentally friendly soap and wash the floor mats in the driveway. Don’t forget to flip them over. Let them dry in the sun.
  1. Vacuum all the upholstery, floors and in between seats – especially those where a car seat may have been seated. While you’re at it, vacuum the car seat too! Don’t forget the trunk as well where lots of dust and bits may have gathered over the winter.
  1. Once you’ve completed a good interior clean, either hand wash the exterior or take it to your favorite community car wash. Your car will be now shiny from the inside out and ready for its next adventures!

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