If your design esthetic is cozy chic – you probably love to surround yourself with beautiful soft things that make people feel welcome and warm as soon as they arrive at your home. If you want your home to exude that coziness, but not sure how to get there, here are some suggestions that will have your guests wanting to sit and stay and feel ultra-comfy while doing so.

Go green. Decorate with lots of greenery and plants. Of course, real ones are always the better choice, but if you worry about your lack of a green thumb, there are some very pretty faux ones that even a plant lover might struggle knowing the difference.

Let there be (candle) light. Having lots of candles around provides a warm and glowing environment. If you’re concerned about the safety of real ones, invest in candles that are battery-operated, but flicker as a real candle does. Use ones on timers, so they go on and off automatically every evening.

Carpet care. Decorating with oversized area rugs and layering rugs are great ways to define a space in your home with soft borders. Choose ones with natural fibers and beautiful, welcoming patterns or soft colors. Since area rugs should sit under all the furniture in the space – not in front of it – bigger is better.

Scents make sense. Scented candles and or plug-ins in soft fragrances like linen, baking flavors or flowers are pleasing to the senses. Imagine how a room that smells like apple pie or cookies makes you feel like you’ve stepped back to your childhood home or your grandmother’s house. It can be an instantly comforting and welcoming sensation and emotion.

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