Moving into a new home is an exciting time for everyone because each person’s space is basically a blank slate…especially your kids’ bedrooms! It’s a fresh start for effective organization, a decorating scheme and maybe new tidying rituals. Here are some clever and creative ways to make “Go to your room!” a joyful consequence!

  1. For easy cleanup, put storage at the height of your child. You may have great shelves in the closet and on the walls, but if your child can’t reach them, then they can’t utilize them correctly. Consider storage benches, short dressers and low hung coat hooks.
  2. Interactive arts and craft areas, like magnetic and chalkboard paint walls, allow kids to create over and over again and to share the experience with you, their friends and siblings.
  3. For a little geography lesson and great décor, hang a giant map mural on the wall. Make it interactive as well as by putting stickers on places you’ve been or want to go. This will instill a love for travel and adventure!
  4. A daybed is a wonderful piece of furniture, especially for an older child. At night, it’s a cozy place to sleep, but during the day it feels like a cool hang out spot since it mimics the look and feel of a sofa.
  5. A themed room can be great fun for the younger set. Whether it’s a favorite movie, tv show or activity, you can go wild with the decoration and details.
  6. Kids love to collect, so incorporate fun ways to show off their prized possessions. Depending on the items, you can place collections on dedicated shelves, hang them on the walls or use them to decorate the space in various spots around the room.
  7. Create a wall gallery with their own special artwork they’ve created at school or in classes. Invest in fun frames, so they all match and change out the pieces periodically for a fresh new look.

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