Once you’ve purchased your beautiful new Cornerstone Communities home, you’re going to want to invite everyone to see it! And since you live in Southern California, your out-of-state and country friends and family will be anxious to visit. If your home has a guest bedroom, why not transform it into a beautiful cozy sanctuary for your visitors. These indulgences will have your guests boasting about your SoCal hospitality for years to come. And they’ll be planning their next visit before they leave!

Welcome upon arrival. When your guests enter the room, greet them with a handwritten welcome note, fresh flowers, snacks and bottled water. Be sure to keep the water stocked throughout their stay and check on the flowers after a couple of days to snip off dead heads and refresh the water.

Plush linen delivery. After a long travel day your guests’ first action may be to take a long hot shower or sink into a soft, comfy bed. Add a little lux to your room by making up the bed with high thread count cotton sheets, a puffy duvet and soft pillows. Leave fluffy towels out as well, so they don’t have to ask for anything.

Tech the room out. Hang a smart TV pre-loaded with popular streaming channels and leave the remote on a nightstand. Install outlets with USB chargers and provide ample electrical outlets. Leave the WiFi code on a piece of paper and provide any security codes, keys, etc., they’ll need to enter the home. If you have an Alexa Echo Dot, let them know so they can play soft music, ask for weather and traffic updates and more. If your guests are from a country with different electrical specifications, provide a couple of electrical converters so they can plug their items in immediately without having to search for theirs in a suitcase.

Light it up. If your room doesn’t have a ceiling light, make sure you provide ample illumination with bedside lamps and a floor lamp if possible. If you have an attached bathroom, you can install a motion detection light for nighttime visits.

Dressing essentials. Make sure you provide a place for your guests to hang, fold and put away their clothes. If you have a dresser in the room, empty out drawers just for them and in the closet, move your own stuff to the side and leave hangers and space for their items. For an extra nice touch, buy matching, sturdy hangers. Also provide space for shoes and toiletries. Another essential dressing item is a full-length mirror either hung or leaning against a wall.

If you are continuing your search for a new home, please know Cornerstone Communities is still building homes throughout the county of San Diego and Temecula. To see our homes, we are offering virtual tours on our website, you can chat with us online or we can schedule a private in-person appointment with you.