We’re very mindful of all the families at home with young children and all the adults trying to keep them busy and occupied. We’ve curated a list of activities you can either do with your kids and some they can do themselves, so you can either work from home or sneak in a little break.

Go treasure hunting. Similar to a scavenger hunt, give your children clues to follow to unearth a treasure right in their own home or garden. This can be as easy or as elaborate as you’d like – as long as there is a fun reward at the end of their quest.

Grow something. Garden centers are still open in California. If you’re able to leave the house, safely visit your local nursery to pick up items like seeds, soil, a planter, etc., for a potted plant or vegetable. You can start growing plants from seeds inside and then repot your seedling as necessary.

Have a picnic and a movie. Kids love to eat anywhere but the table, so why not throw a picnic in the living room! Grab a cooler or a picnic basket and load it up with goodies from the kitchen from pasta salads to sandwiches to sweet treats and snacks. Next, throw a blanket on the floor in front of the TV and stream a movie. They’ll love eating in this non-conventional location in the house.

Dress them up. Pull out your dressy dresses, highest heels, suit jackets and ties and let your kids try everything on. They’ll have so much fun wearing your clothes and pretending to be adults. You can also bring out the Halloween costume box and let them play with those too. We do suggest, however, you don’t use your best clothes for this activity!

Watch puppies and other animals! If you don’t have your own four-legged friends, you can stream these live videos of playful puppies from your laptop, device or TV. Let these adorable pups entertain your kids for a little while. Also available for streaming are penguins and other wildlife and zoo animals.

Keeping our kids busy and entertained over the next few weeks is going to be all consuming for some. With some imagination, quality internet searches and whole lot of patience, we’ll all get through and maybe even have a little fun!

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