A closet in a new home is like a blank canvas. You’re provided with the basics, but the possibilities are endless! Once you decide how you want your closet to perform from hanging space to storage space to the all-important shoe space, it’s time to figure out the details. There are so many excellent features you can add you may not have even known about. Here are a few that may work well for your lifestyle.

Jewelry drawer. Often lined in velvet, these plush drawers typically have designated spots for all your jewelry like ring slots, small areas for cufflinks and earrings, elongated cut outs for bracelets and necklaces and more. You can also have them installed with a lock for an extra measure of security.

Pull out mirror. If you haven’t designated a spot in your bathroom or bedroom for a full-length mirror, you can add one in your closet that can slip in and out without taking up valuable wall space. This is a wonderful solution in an expansive walk-in closet for getting dressed.

Tilt-out laundry hamper. Instead of using valuable floor space for your laundry baskets, have one (or two or three!) built right into your closet. These practical bins can be closed when not in use and emptied easily with their own built-in baskets. No more clothes on the floor!

Belt rack. No more hanging belts from a hanger or storing them haphazardly in a drawer. A dedicated belt rack can be installed and accessible every time you need to select one. Belts can be organized by style, size and color for dressing ease.

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