So long summer and welcome fall. Although the changes in seasons in Southern California may be more subtle than other parts of the country, we can still appreciate the shifting colors of our trees, the cooler, darker nights and, of course, the decorating! We’ve curated a few cute ideas to make your home a little more “autumnesque.”

DIY Activities – Scour magazines, Pinterest and the internet for fun, crafty ways to bring fall colors and decorations into your home. You can create your seasonal DIY treasures solo, with friends or with your entire family.

Hang a Wreath – Your front door may be the obvious place for a welcoming wreath of pretty fall colors, but you can hang them in other places too like over the fireplace, in the powder room or in the foyer.

Change Your Menu – This is fun time to experiment in the kitchen with seasonal veggies like squash, pumpkin and other fall bounty. Challenge yourself to one new sweet or savory recipe per week to prepare for your friends and family. And the bonus will be delicious aromas emanating from your kitchen.

Celebrate the Great Pumpkin – Visit your local supermarket, or even more fun, a local vegetable patch. Pick out a few perfectly plump pumpkins and display them throughout your home. Of course, place a few outside your house on the front porch to welcome your visitors.

Fall Is in The Air – You can literally have autumn aromas wafting in the air around you all season long by using infusers, plug-in air fresheners, soaps and candles. Select flavors like spiced pumpkin, baked apples and cinnamon for a festive scented atmosphere.

Decorating for the seasons is such a fun and easy way to lend a little change to your home throughout the year. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or be wildly talented to create a cozy autumnal feeling throughout the rooms in your new house.

While you’re viewing our model homes, think forward to how you might embellish them for fall once you move in! Visit Cornerstone Communities website to see which homes you’d like to visit this October.