Few holidays are as fun to decorate for as Halloween because it brings on the creepy and creative in all of us! If your home needs a ghoulish DIY makeover, we’ve collected some of our favorites inside and outside de-gore-rations that are fun and easy to do!

Strange candlesticks. Spray paint wine bottles with a matte black paint and insert an orange, red or black taper candle. Let the wax drip along the bottle for an extra goopy look!

Creepy wreath. Look for the scariest and weirdest masks you can find at a costume store or online. Using a craft ring, glue them all together in a circle onto the ring for a not-so-welcoming door ornament.

Bootiful spirits. Purchase tissue paper bells at your local décor store. Then cut out and glue black construction paper eyes and a mouth on the bells. Cover each one with white cheesecloth and head for the nearest safe space! Transform four or five bells for a ghoulish ghost gang.

Candy corn chain. Buy a supersize bag of candy corn, stream some Alfred Hitchcock and while you watch your favorite scary movie, string the little corns on fishing line for a sweet and sassy candy garland.

Brooding bouquets. If you have silk flowers in your home, temporarily replace them with black versions or buy some inexpensive vases and place these moody and morbid flowers throughout your house.

Spinechilling outside ghosts. Purchase a tomato cage at your local garden center and wrap it in white lights. Next, take a white pillow case and using a permanent marker, draw a mouth and two eyes on it. Slip the case over the lighted cage and poof! You’ve just created an eerie apparition for the front yard!

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