Four Good Reasons to Downsize Your Home

Sometimes, when it comes to a new home, bigger isn’t always better. For some, a large home is what a family needs during the growing years. As a parent, you may want to have lots of space for your kids and their friends and also for your friends. But there may come a time, when a little less space becomes appealing. When you read the following benefits to a smaller home, see if any resonate with you, your lifestyle and your time of life.

Better on the environment. Smaller houses typically require less resources to heat, cool, furnish and maintain, even more so if they are on a small-sized lot. The planet will thank you.

The family can become closer. This is a literal and figurative statement. Maybe your kids will have to share a room in a smaller house, but this could increase their bond. Instead of the family going off to their own corner of the house after dinner, everyone remains in one room to watch TV together or to play a game.

You can free up your time. Less cleaning, less maintaining and sometimes fewer hours at work may result in freeing up your schedule leaving time to do activities like spending more time with your family, traveling or entertaining your friends.

You’ll accumulate less. Because space is more limited in a smaller home, you’ll have to really think about what you purchase and bring into your house. It’s always a good idea to upgrade certain things like appliances and furniture, but instead of hanging on to the old ones (which can be tempting if you have more space than you need) you’ll probably opt to get rid of them.

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