Moving into a new home can be taxing – not just for you and your family, but your pets as well! They, also, have had their familiar surroundings uprooted and could experience some apprehension and fear as they explore their new location. Here are some ways to help them transition into a new home.

Give them extra love. Just like people, your pets need to be loved and reassured all day long that everything is going to be ok. While you can’t talk them through their anxiety, you can certainly pay lots of additional attention to them. When you have a few minutes throughout the day give them an extra cuddle. They’ll feel comforted by your love.

Set up their area right away. Find a spot they can call home and set up house for them. They’ll love having a cozy corner with all their stuff while you’re running around trying to get your move sorted. Of course, pop over to their new spot and give them a little lovin’ throughout the day.

Practice the carrier routine. If you have to take your pet in a carrier, and they’re not used to this mode of transport, do some practice runs a few weeks before. You can put their food or toys inside, so they can get used to going in and out. This will lessen the fear of doing it for the first time on moving day.

Stay home with them. Once you’re moved in and if you can take the time, try to stay with them during the day as much as possible, so they’re not left to wander and wonder. Let them follow you from room to room, so they can get more comfortable staying on their own.

Managed well, a move to a new home doesn’t have to be a daunting experience for your animals. And once you move into your new home, having a pet may be a fun way to meet your new neighbors! Come visit our homes at Cornerstone Communities and choose the next home for you, your family and your fur babies. Our sales professionals will help make your transition as easy and fun as they can!