Fun Ideas For Dad On His Special Day

Father’s Day is approaching, and it’s a fun day to celebrate this gentleman of the house. There are so many ways to show dad how much you love him from simple acts of kindness to fun homemade gifts. Along with lots of hugs, read through these suggestions and pick a few that might work perfectly for the man of the house.

Send him hunting. Let dad act like a kid and send him on a scavenger or treasure hunt! Make super tricky clues that have him scouring everywhere from the attic to the garage. At the end of the hunt, reward him with a handmade card or his favorite book or snack!

Do some of his chores. If your kids are old enough to tackle some jobs around the house, let them wash the car, mow the grass, clean some windows, blow the leaves, skim the pool, etc., for him. Let him pull up a chair and watch and relax for few hours instead!

Write him a poem. Using the letters in Father’s Day or something similar, encourage your kids to write out an easy poem or description of him using each letter as the prompt. For example, F for Fabulous!

Look to the past. From DNA kits to online ancestry searching subscriptions, dad might love to have a peek into where he came from. You can work together to help put the pieces of the family tree together and maybe discover interesting facts about your family.

Bake him a treat. Who can’t resist homemade sweets and goodies – especially when they’re prepared with love! Find out dad’s favorite dessert and make it for him on his special day. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you want, he’ll love and appreciate the effort.

Give him lots of hugs. Every time you see him or walk by him or enter the same room, give him a big hug!! At the end of the day, he’ll feel like the most loved man in the world!

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