There is a lot to worry about in our day-to-day lives and homes, but thankfully, when you buy a new house, there are some things you don’t have to be concerned with at all! This list will help keep your mind at ease and let you know what to look forward to as you consider or move into a brand new house:

Your honey-do list may be short. With a new home, there isn’t a lot to immediately take care of. There is no repair list to tackle on the weekends and even your home décor needs, like painting and upgrading, are already done for you. Just sit back and enjoy your new surroundings.

Something not working? No problem. Pretty much everything in your new home is under warranty during the early days of moving in. Is your electric garage door just not right or does your built-in dishwasher make a strange sound? Simply open up your home guide and call the appropriate people at little to no cost to you.

Everything is clean. For potentially the first time living in a home, there is no built-up dirt, dust and grime. Even the tops of your ceiling fans, the fridge and behind your appliances are spic and span. Enjoy this freedom of deep cleaning for a few months. And if you keep on top of your housekeeping duties often, your “spring cleaning” will be a breeze!

No scratches. The walls, the floors, the appliances, the windows and everything else that is prone to being bumped or scratched during daily traffic is pristine. As you look around your new rooms, you can nearly see perfection everywhere. Now if you could only keep it that way!

New routines. Since everything around you is untouched, this is the perfect time to start new habits. Messes and clutter have not yet had time to accumulate, so use this newness to rethink how you may have handled day-to-day tasks in the past and how to potentially change your routine.

The process of purchasing a new home can be stressful, so it’s especially nice to focus on what to look forward to when the keys are handed over. Instead of focusing on giant to-do lists and maintenance appointments, you can sit back and enjoy the newness of your surroundings. Cornerstone Communities’ inventory of homes covers the areas of San Diego and Temecula. Come visit our models to see which community you’d like to enjoy as your new neighborhood.