Moving into a new home can be a liberating feeling. You’ve started with a new blank slate, new address and sometimes a new city! And within this newness, you may want a fresh start to handling clutter and keeping organized. After all what better time to begin! Here are five ways of becoming and remaining motivated in the quest for a clutter free environment.

  1. Start before you move. Since you’ll be going through everything you own with a fine-tooth comb during the packing process, this is the perfect place to start your new organizational outlook. As you cull through your items, honestly decide what you want and need to take with you to your new home from kitchen items to clothing to toys your kids have out grown.
  2. Have a place for everything. Once you’re in your new house, devise a home for each of your items as they come out of the boxes. If you’re unsure at first where an item should live, put it in a “to be homed” pile and tackle it when you’re ready.
  3. Go paper free. This is a great time to embrace digital storage. When you sign up for your utility and banking statements with your new address and account numbers, opt in for the paperless option. If you don’t already know, learn how to PDF and store your documents in the cloud utilizing a meaningful file convention. Then you can simply point and click your way to what you need in no time without adding clutter to your home office.
  4. Fight the urge to collect. As you settle into your new home you may be tempted to fill it with lots of new things. But with each purchase, mindfully consider if it will be something you enjoy for a long time. If you love souvenirs when you travel, try to take home items you’ll actually use rather than store on a shelf.
  5. Know where it will go. Purchase items for which you already set a space aside instead of buying items on a whim and then searching for a home for them later. You may find once at home, you don’t have a ‘perfect spot’ and the items ends up in a cupboard or basket.

If you are continuing your search for a new home, please know Cornerstone Communities is still building homes throughout the county of San Diego and Temecula. To see our homes, we are offering virtual tours on our website, you can chat with us online or we can schedule a private in-person appointment with you.