Halloween Inspired Food to Make In Your New Kitchen

Perhaps you are already a superb cook and can’t wait to start preparing meals in your new kitchen, or maybe your new Cornerstone Communities kitchen has inspired you to embrace you inner Giada or Bobby. Either way, these cute and scary food ideas will liven up your Halloween from party foods to family fun.

Mac-o’lantern and Cheese. Cut open an orange bell pepper at the top and remove seeds while saving the top and stem. Once it’s empty, carve out a little jack o’lantern face. Stuff your little “pumpkin” with homemade or boxed macaroni, replace the top and serve.

Scary Sugar Cookies. Simple homemade or store-bought cookie dough paired with spooky themed cookie cutters makes for a busy and creative cooking affair. Include multiple colors of frosting, sprinkles and edible candy like eyeballs, skeletons and bats and let the creativity begin.

Hot Dog Mummies. Prepared with store-bought crescent dough, mummy dogs make spooktacular finger food at the table or a Halloween bash. Simply pull the dough so it is slightly elongated and wrap around a hot dog. Bake using the instructions and add eyes using mustard or ketchup.

Ghoulish Pizza Bagels. Spread tomato sauce on a bagel and then place a ghost- shaped medium slice of cheese on top. Broil or bake in an oven and watch the cheese ooze into a spooky ghost shape. Add sliced olives for eyes.

Wormy Ice Cubes. Place gummy worms in an ice cube tray and fill with water. Once frozen add to punch or fruit juice for a chilling surprise.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball. Make your favorite cheeseball recipe but shape into a pumpkin. Next cover it in crushed Cheetos or cheese puffs for an orange tint. For the pumpkin stem use the stem from a green bell pepper.

Petrifying Pizzas. Shape pizza dough into a ghost shape and cover with white cheese with or without white sauce. Bake and serve. You can add pepperoni or halved grape tomatoes for eyes if you dare.

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