Fun Easter Activities for the Whole Family

As we near another holiday that is traditionally celebrated with loads of friends, families and busy activities, you may want some fun and creative options just for the immediate family but as special as always. Here are some ideas you can do at home that will complement the always fun Easter egg hunt!

Family games. Fill a jar with jellybeans and have a “guess how many” contest. Have an egg and spoon race in the backyard or an egg walk contest where all members of the family are challenged to walk around with two eggs on a paper plate. If you’re really adventurous an egg toss is always a fun and intense game.

Make cookies. Purchase fun cookie cutter shapes like bunnies, eggs, flowers, chicks, etc., and spend the afternoon baking and decorating cookies.

Plant a garden. A few days before Easter, visit a garden center and pick up all the necessary items you need to plant a pretty flower or veggie garden. You can even hide these items to be found during your egg hunt.

Go outside. There are lots of fun activities you can do together from taking a family bike ride to flying a kite at the park or enjoying a picnic in the backyard.

Driveway fun. As a part of your hunt, hide sidewalk chalk, bubbles and assorted bubble blowers. Once everyone is dressed and ready for play, assemble in the driveway and sidewalk in front of your house to create a rainbow of pictures, flowers, paths and drawings. Bubble blowing will add another level of excitement!

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