The Benefits of a Homeowners’ Association

Across the United States the majority of new construction homes are managed by a Homeowners’ Association or HOAs. While HOAs require monthly or annual dues from homeowners, there are definite benefits to all involved. One of the keys to a well-run HOA is effective management. And since HOAs require a board made up of homeowners, they can be an opportunity to get involved directly with your community. Here are a few reasons why HOAs are a good idea.

An esthetic appeal. HOAs establish design guidelines for homeowners and the surrounding community from the walls and fences surrounding a development to the landscaping to the colors of home exteriors. They also govern restrictions like parking large vehicles and such within the neighborhood which can make a street look cluttered and become unsafe.

Regular maintenance. If broken irrigation pipes, chipped paint on common walls, rusty fences or downed trees or branches occur, your HOA will step in and manage the repair of these keeping the community looking tidy and kept on a regular basis. These costs are all shared and taken care of by your fees.

Community support. Because your neighbors (or you!) can be elected to the HOA board, there is a personal involvement and pride in where you live. You may often see these people walking through the neighborhood looking for out-of-sorts issues that need to be resolved to keep your community at its best.

Mediation. If you do have issues with a neighbor – maybe their tree roots are impacting your garden – you can ask your HOA to step in to help resolve the situation. Having this impartial group can alleviate confrontations among residents.

Amenities. With your fees, you may get extra amenities like children’s playground equipment, BBQ area, welcoming community entrances, beautiful landscaping, a fitness center, a pool, tennis courts, etc.

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