Purchasing a new home is *almost* as exciting as decorating a new home! And arguably one of the biggest design challenges is the floor. Carpet? Wood? Tile? Cork? Concrete? Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re determining the best flooring for your personal lifestyle.

What is your budget? Flooring choices can range from $2 to the-sky’s-the-limit per square feet. Luckily even at the lower price point, there are some pretty good looking and long wearing options. Ceramic tile is budget friendly where genuine hard wood can run higher in price.

Are there pets in the house? In other words are there scratchy, messy, hairy beings that will leave their cute little marks all over the floors? If so, you may want to consider pet friendly options like light colors and scratch free surfaces.

Are you planning to tackle the job yourself? If so, pick an option that is more suited to a DIYer. For example, laminate is easier to install by a non-professional than say, wall-to-wall carpet and nailed down hard wood.

How much maintenance do you want? A beautiful hardwood floor stays that way with a fair amount of TLC. On the other hand, if your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for lots of floor time, consider a vinyl option. There are beautiful, luxury wood-look vinyls available that look a lot like the real thing.

What is your design vibe? If your style is a more modern and minimalistic you may love the look of painted concrete or pale hardwood tones. If you lean toward a warm and traditional feel, medium wood colors with wide planks or neutral carpeting may be what you need.

To see a variety of beautiful flooring options, spend some time visiting our many model homes where you’ll see tiled, wood and carpeted rooms that will inspire you. Perhaps you’ll be so inspired, you’ll want to move right in! Visit the Cornerstone Communities website to plot out your model home tour in San Diego or Temecula.