One of the best parts of moving into a new home is you’re essentially starting with a blank canvas. Also many of today’s homes promote open floor plans or optimally laid out spaces that are designed to bring families and friends together. Here are some tips to laying out the furniture and decorating elements of these welcoming spaces.

Measure the space – Before you head out to the stores – or sit down at your computer – to shop, measure side to side and up and down. Knowing the height of your ceilings will help you with lamp and tall shelving selections. Knowing your floor measurements will help you determine what furniture will fit comfortably in your space.

Determine your focal point – Whether you want to focus your attention on a giant 100-inch television, a cozy, wood burning fireplace or a killer view, design your seating accordingly. If your room has a giant picture window facing over the Southern California hills like so many of Cornerstone Communities’ homes do, place your furniture in such a way you can enjoy the view from every spot in the room.

Choose your colors – If your room vibe is funky, trendy and bold, pick a color that reflect this part of your personality. Or if you’re a little afraid to commit to all the walls, paint a more neutral color and accessorize with pops of color throughout. Learn about cool versus warm colors at your local paint store to determine which hues are best for you and your home.

Consider the size of area rug – When in doubt, go bigger. The area rug should include all the furniture you want to place it under. You don’t want a rug where the couch or chairs just don’t quite fit on top. You should have enough space for your allotted pieces and enough left over for a little edge.

Define additional spaces – If space permits, it’s always a good idea to have additional seating and conversation areas or even a reading nook. Add one or two chairs, a side table and floor lamp or pendant lighting and you’ll have a little intimate place to escape to.

Keep it fun – Make sure that as you plan your room, you remember to add in your own personality whether from items you’ve collected traveling, family photos or hand-made blankets, pillows and window coverings.

Following a close second to the kitchen, the living room is where you’ll be most of the time. Don’t rush when it comes to selecting furniture and placement. You want to get the most out of this room and make it as inviting and comfortable as you can. Come visit the living areas in our model homes in San Diego and Temecula Valley. Our professional designers have laid out beautiful spaces to inspire the interior decorator inside of you.