It’s the time of the year that the sun shines and the beautiful flowers and trees bloom, but, also, the sounds of sniff, sniff and achoo, abound. Allergens wafting through the air are non-negotiable, but these suggestions may decrease their presence in your home. 

In the kitchen Many kitchens are light and bright with multiple windows and exit/entry doors including those to the garage and back yard. During high allergy seasons, try not to keep both doors open at the same time. Doing so enables more allergens to blow in through the cross breeze. Keep surfaces like counters, tops of cabinets and refrigerators clean all the time to eliminate allergens settling. Also helpful is an exhaust fan over your cooktop that vents outside.

Windows It goes without saying open windows are an allergy sufferer’s nemesis. Try to keep windows closed as much as possible especially during blowy or high pollen count days. Use roller shades or washable curtains in lieu of blinds or thick curtains for window covers.

In the bathroom This warm, damp space is very prone to allergens, and the key is preventing mold growth. Always wipe down the shower or tub after every use and install a powerful exhaust fan to keep moisture away. If you see the first sign of mold in the toilet or tub, immediately attack it with commercial or natural mold-killing products.

Flooring and wall choices Avoid carpeting and wallpaper where mold spores can gather and grow. Instead choose hard surfaces like tile and low- to zero VOC paint. If you think you’ll miss the softness of carpet, purchase washable rugs and mats. Also insist family and friends remove their shoes in the house to avoid tracking anything into your home.

In the bedroom Watery eyes and sneezing can keep you up all night. Again, avoid using carpeting and stick with hardwood floors and washable area rugs. If carpet is unavoidable, vacuum it regularly. Use synthetic bedding materials instead of natural ones like feathers. Cover your mattress and pillows in dust proof covers and launder linens at least once per week. Consider a portable and quiet HEPA air filter that removes small particles from the air. 

In the living room Replace upholstered furniture with easy-to-clean textures like leather, vinyl, glass or wood. Keep knickknacks, blankets and throw pillows to a minimum to avoid additional dust collectors. Opt for a gas burning fireplace instead of wood burning.

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