If you’re raising a young family, no doubt you’re continuously running after them to make sure they’re safe. But lurking throughout the rooms in your house are potentially dangerous situations and scenarios. We want your inquisitive little people to be secure, so here’s a list of ways to baby and kid proof your domestic surroundings.

Dangling Ropes, Outlets and Sharp Edges – While the family room looks safe and cozy, it’s truly not. Make sure all window blind cords are out of reach – or better, purchase cordless window coverings. All electrical outlets should have covers, and sharp edges like fireplace hearths and tables should be protected with bumpers.

Anchor Heavy Objects – Kids love to climb and to a three-year-old, the bookcase may just look like the quickest route to the ceiling fan. Don’t store away the little anchoring bolts and tabs that come with your furniture – install them promptly and correctly.

Gates – There is really no limit to how many gates you can use in a house. If you have rooms you can’t close off, then you may need a temporary structural barrier. Other obvious hot spots are at the top and bottom of staircases. Your house may look like a little San Quentin, but at least you know your curious toddler won’t end up in a place he/she isn’t supposed to be.

Anti-Scalding Devices – Hot water is extremely easy to access in the kitchen and bathroom and can be very dangerous to children. Luckily there are anti scalding devices you can install easily on your faucet that automatically regulate the water temperature coming out to prevent it from being too hot and burning tender skin. You can also lower the water temperature at the source on your hot water tank.

Poison Control Number – Keep this number on hand at all times…in the kitchen…stored as a contact in your phone…in the bathroom. If you need to phone them, you want immediate access to the number and not have to search for it when you could be in risky and panicky situation. The number is (800) 222-1222.

If you’re in the market for a new home, come visit our Southern California Cornerstone Communities models in Temecula and San Diego regions. You’ll be able to peak around in advance to see how you’d make your home safe for your family. Even better, bring your kids and let them find the danger zones for you since you know, as a parent, they’ll head straight for them!