Some members of our families spend as much time outside as the people! Of course, we’re talking about pets – especially dogs. And in a climate where the temperatures can soar to the 90s at times, your yard should be a canine haven of coolness and fun throughout the year. These doggy friendly suggestions will have your fur babies leaping with joy!

Consider groundcovers. Non-toxic groundcovers like smooth stones, cedar chips, straw, coconut fibers and rubber nuggets are often better for both the owners and the dogs. Dogs can run and play on a soft, safe surface, and owners don’t need to worry about their grass being destroyed by dog waste, digging and being matted down from too much use.

Water them down. So puppy stays cool, install a doggy-friendly water feature. This can be a sprinkler that goes off on a timer, a splash pool, an inviting fountain or a more elaborate dog watering system you can have installed that hooks up to your waterline.

Encouraging digging. Of course…encourage digging in a place you choose – not your dog! Designate an out-of-the-way space that ideally is also out of sight. Fill the area with sand or mulch, so you can easily replace it once it’s all been dug up and discarded!

Throw them some shade. Provide your fur babies with shady, cozy spots where they can relax and cool down during the hottest parts of the day. Bonus: this can lessen their urge to dig because often when dogs dig holes, they’re looking for a spot where they can cool off.

Keep them spry! If space isn’t an issue, why not build a doggy agility course. Your best furry friend will love jumping, running, climbing and splashing throughout the day and then hopefully get a good night’s sleep when it’s time to come in at the end of playtime.

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