Five Ways to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

Between September 15 and October 15, we recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month to honor the traditions of the more than 60 million Hispanic Americans. Each year those of Hispanic and Latino descent celebrate their culture, history and their ancestors who arrived from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Here are some ways to participate and honor and appreciate their contributions to today’s society. 

Cook a Latin American dish. Purchase or borrow a cookbook that highlights foods from a specific region like Venezuela or Honduras. Make this a family project where everyone gets to help prepare a delicious meal that is different from what you may normally make.

Shop in a Latino owned business. If you’ve always wanted to try the little Mexican grocer in town, but never think to, now is the time. Wander around and see and smell the wonderful fresh and packaged foods and pick up some items you can incorporate into your own meals for a different twist to a favorite recipe.

Play Hispanic artist music. There are so many Hispanic artists who have remained true to their culture but also those whose names are extremely familiar in the pop music genre. Make a playlist and dance the night away to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira or listen to the laidback sounds of Carlos Santana or operatic tunes from Placido Domingo.

Play popular Latino and Hispanic games. Games like dominoes and bingo (lotería) are fun activities and always a good time. For a special treat hang a pinata in the back yard for after dinner entertainment.

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