January is officially Hobby Month. As such, we’ve curated a list of fun new hobbies you can take on with your family to get you inspired. What becomes a hobby today, may become a lifelong love for you and your children – who may even pass it on to the next generation! Not all hobbies require oodles of cash or space…pick something that speaks to you and that you think you’ll truly have fun doing.

Photography. With the superior cameras installed in today’s smart phones, it’s not as necessary anymore to invest in loads of expensive equipment…of course that is always an option. If you plan, however, to try just using the camera in your phone, read books and websites and watch videos, reels and even TikTok for great tips on improving your shots.

Learn music. You may have some spare instruments in the house to get started, or you can purchase beginner models. Have fun learning to play something with your kids or spouse. You can invest in in-person lessons or watch videos or even sign up for virtual instruction. Plan a goal to have a small holiday concert in a year’s time!

Volunteer. This hobby is a win-win for all! Research organizations that you’d like to be more involved with or that align with your own personal principles. Then decide how much time you have to commit and what role you’d like to play. Perhaps you’d like to tackle beach clean ups every weekend with your family or volunteer once a month at a local food pantry.

Build something. Have you always wanted to construct something big or small? Carve out a corner of your garage if you’re interested in wood working and take classes or read books on different techniques and tools needed. Or if scale model building could be your thing, visit a local hobby shop to see what awaits you from planes to trains to automobiles!

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