Not everything is as it seems. This can be especially true if you look around your house spying spaces that don’t necessarily make sense for you or look like they could be turned into something else that suits your lifestyle! From dog forts to wrapping paper stations, your house may hide more potential than you ever realized!

Under the stairs. Often there is a vast land of space hiding under the steps. If this is the case in your house, the possibilities for a kid or pet space seem endless. Once this space has been defined by who or what will use it, set your imagination to full gear. Think castle, swank doghouse, reading nook, doll hangout, tea shop, etc. With some basic electrical work, fun wall coverings, flooring and well-placed toys, this space can be a super fun hideout.

A cloffice. Yes – it’s a word…kind of. A reach-in closet without doors can easily hold a desk, printer, computer, etc. and voila! You have a workspace for occasional at home duties or a homework station. Barndoors or curtains can completely hide the area when it’s not in use.

A mudroom. A coat and boot closet in Southern California is often a storage area that doesn’t really hold coats and boots. So instead empty it out completely hang shelving up high, hang hooks and install a bench for seating. Underneath the bench, add some drawers for extra storage. You now have a place for people to put their shoes on and off and hang their outerwear.

A crafting area. Working again with a reach-in closet, install shelves up high for storage boxes, ribbons, wrapping paper, etc. Then below add a desk or a built-in countertop for a workplace. When it’s not in use, close up the doors to hide your creative, pretty mess!

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