January 1, 2020

Dear Self,

I resolve to not just eat healthier foods, exercise more and take more vacations, I’ve also decided to make my home a top priority. Here are some resolutions I plan to keep:

Entertain more. If you’ve just moved into a new Cornerstone Communities home, you’re going to want to show it off. Let this year be the year you plan more events, invite more people over and generally entertain more often!

Safety first. Do a check up on the items in your home that are there for your safety. Do you need to replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Do you have enough fire extinguishers (at least one for each floor) and are they properly charged? Is your pool alarm running correctly? Are there any questionable electrical issues and outlets that need an electrician? Are we cleaning the dryer lint basket regularly?

Embrace the online world. You’ve thought about it, but you haven’t dived in yet. Simplify your life by embracing all the online options you have for shopping, traveling, banking, paying bills, scheduling, etc. Simplify your lifestyle, bills and banking – and cut the paper waste! – by researching and implementing the many ways you can do simple tasks online and via your phone.

Stop wearing shoes in the house. In many cultures, taking your shoes off upon entry is the norm. But in Southern California, we tend to leave them on inside. It is convenient, but in reality, it’s not the cleanest or healthiest way to treat your floors. Try to encourage a no-shoes zone. To make it easier and a habit, you can have a basket of slippers at the front door to encourage compliance.

Eat in more often. Take out or drive thru can be so easy, but the choices are not very healthy. Why not start small by committing to preparing three meals per week at home. Then once you get into the swing of it, add another. The goal should be to eat more home-cooked meals than restaurant meals in a one-week time frame. If you’re short on time you can consider fresh meal delivery services or shopping services that will help you purchase the necessary ingredients.

If one of your resolutions this year is to move, then come visit Cornerstone Communities’ beautiful model homes located in both San Diego and Temecula regions. You can wander through our expertly designed rooms and picture yourself living in them in the near future. Talk to our representatives to see how you can make this happen!