Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

In 2020 we were globally focused on staying healthy. And while we took this to a whole new level, we also learned a few ideas and practices, perhaps, to incorporate into our personal routines regularly. It’s always a good idea to live in a healthier world, and the best place to start is at home.

Wash your hands. A lot. This has always been on the top of lists, but even more so now. Buy delicious scented soaps with moisturizers and place at all the sinks in your home.

Sanitize upon entry. If you have an entry table or nook, place an attractive dispenser of scented hand sanitizer for those entering your home.

Exercise more. From walking to biking to utilizing that brand new equipment you purchased when your gym closed last year, put in a good amount of effort to staying fit. Exercise boosts our moods and an immune system.

Eat a variety of healthy boosting foods. Pack your fridge and pantry with delicious and healthy choices for snacks and meals. Stock up on items like apples, nuts, green vegetables, whole grains and citrus.

Remember self-care. Being healthy mentally is just as important as physically. Take time to take care of your own needs through meditation, yoga, long baths, etc. Your activities don’t have to be time consuming…just practiced regularly.

Embrace gratitude. Also associated with positive mental health, try to focus on what you’re grateful for. This is especially helpful when your daily challenges and struggles are mounting. Take a minute to recharge and reboot your outlook.

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