Five Tips to an Organized Playroom

All kids love a playroom! What’s not to love? They’re filled with toys and books and games and all the goodness a child enjoys. But parents often see these rooms as a brightly colored explosion – especially at the end of the day! With a few organization tools, a few minutes a day and some patience, this room of pure joy can be pleasing to everyone in the household.

Put Your Walls to Work. The floor isn’t the only place for placing storage. Hang shelves, hooks and even cabinets on the walls for out-of-the-way places for items to live. High shelves are especially good options for special toys and books that you want to have some control over.

Organize Books by Color. This is a new, popular trend that makes a lot of sense! If you want your kids to be involved in the sorting and putting away, this is an easy and fun way for them to organize their reading nook and books. If you use the ROYGBIV formula, your shelves will look like a pretty rainbow.

Embrace Baskets/Storage Cubes. Using a cube storage system, have a basket for each type of toy. Invest in a label maker or create cute descriptions on cardstock (laminate for durability) with pictures or words and fasten them to the baskets. This is also a great opportunity to enforce sight words around the room.

Puzzling Ideas. Puzzles that come in boxes can be very bulky to store and prone to missing pieces upon clean up. Instead of storing the pieces in the box, scan and cut out a picture of the puzzle, laminate and then store that with the pieces in a durable zipper bag or a plastic kitchen storage bag. If you want to keep the boxes for the future, break them down and store elsewhere.

Games Kids Play. Similar to puzzles, these often come with a lot of pieces and missing just one can ruin everything. Keep everything in the original box, however, place all the loose items into a plastic bag and store that inside the box. If there are playing cards, always sort them and fasten with a rubber band, so they don’t fly freely around the box if it’s tipped on its side.

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