Features for a Pet Friendly Home

Granite countertops, rooms flooded with light, kitchen islands and beautiful floors seem to always float to the top of a must-have, new home list…but has anyone asked the pets what they want? We bet if you had a one-to-one conversation with your dog or cat, they’d fill you in on their needs too when you’re buying your new home.

A cat wall. If you have a spare wall, Felix will jump for joy if you hang shelves at multiple levels, provide a place to sleep and a good entry and exit point. This type of space will give them lots of spots to exercise and snooze when they are worn out – and hours of entertainment for you!

Built-in dog bed. No need to send anyone to the doghouse! Utilize that empty space under the stairs or somewhere similar and build a space for Fido to sleep. Furnish it with a cozy dog bed and, of course, paint it his favorite color.

Out-of-sight litter box. We all need a little privacy, and your cat is no different. If you have extra space under a cabinet (especially in the bathroom), install a cat door directly into it from the side. You won’t see it when the cabinet doors are closed, but you’ll be able to access it easily for clean up.

Bathing spot. If you have a dedicated laundry room or an oversized bathroom, why not add an extra shower or shallow bath for your pooch? Put everything at sitting height so both your lives will be made easier when it comes to bath time. 

Food station. Find an out-of-the-way spot in the kitchen where you can build a place for pet bowls, and ideally, storage for their food. Your pet will always know where to go for meals, and you’ll never stumble over the pet dishes in the middle of the night again!

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