Once you’ve unpacked your boxes and hung pictures on the wall, you’re going to want to show off your new digs! Throw a fabulous housewarming party for all your friends and family with these tips to a successful soirée!

Give yourself some time. Wait a few weeks – or even a couple of months or so – until you’re ready to introduce your friends to your new home. Doing it too soon may be unnecessarily stressful because you’ll be rushing to get everything ready. Unpacking and doing a little decorating will help you feel settled before inviting everyone over.

Consider an open house. Instead of a strict start and end time, open your house for the entire day, so your guests can arrive and mingle at their own pace. You can top of food and beverages accordingly throughout the day. And be prepared to give lots of tours!

Invite your neighbors too. A few days before your open house, either knock on a few neighbors’ doors or leave an invitation at their house. You’ll get to meet your new friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere for the first time. If you and they have kids, your children may have the opportunity to meet each other as well.

Keep food and drink simple. Set up a beer, wine and soda only bar and offer finger foods that can be eaten while standing and mingling. This set up encourages people to move around inside and outside the house. You can have a few little food stations in the areas you especially want people to visit like the back garden, kitchen and dining and living rooms.

Prepare a party playlist. Upbeat, background music always lends a fun atmosphere to any gathering. Stick to fun songs that make sense for all age groups.

Have a gift table. Your friends may want to show their excitement for you with a few cards and presents. Instead of scrambling on the day of trying to find a place to store them, set up a little unassuming table where they can be dropped and opened later. Don’t forget to keep track of who gave what, so you can write thank you notes!

Take pictures. This is a big day so snap a few pics for your personal enjoyment and to be posted on any social media platforms you wish to share on. Looking back you’ll be so happy you captured the beginning of this new phase, your kids, your new friends and how your house looked at the beginning in photos.

Moving into a Cornerstone Communities home is, let’s face it, a VERY exciting experience. We hope you have a wonderful time at your house warming party celebrating your significant accomplishment with all of those who wish the best for you and your family!