Parents have had to think a little more creatively in recent months when it comes to celebrating their kids’ birthdays. Even with all the restrictions, moms and dads are determined to make sure their kids feel super special and appreciated on this very important day. Here are a few ways you can pull out all the stops for a celebration while keeping health and safety a priority.

  1. Decorate like crazy. Nothing screams birthday more than balloons, streamers and birthday bunting! Hang them everywhere so your child can feel the love in every room of the house.
  2. Organize a car parade. These are very popular with kids. Send an invitation as you would for any event asking your friends with kids to drive by at a certain time. Encourage them to decorate their cars and honk their horns as they drive by. Presents can be passed safely out the car window.
  3. Virtual family time. Set up a virtual party with family, like grandparents, near and far who can’t come to the house to celebrate. If presents are involved, suggest the family members send them in advance and then your kids can open them while they are all on video chat together.
  4. Encourage cards. Send a little note to your close friends and family asking them to send cards this year. Your kids will love going to the mailbox to see what little letters are waiting for them. Save them all until the big day, so they can open them all at once.
  5. Go on a treasure hunt. A day or so before, hide little treats or notes around the neighborhood and send your birthday girl or boy out to follow all the clues. Of course, have a fabulous surprise waiting at the end of the hunt.

Marking a special occasion right now can be challenging, but with a little out-of-the-box planning, you can make this day one of the most memorable ever!

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