For those of us lucky enough to live in Southern California, we’re very fine-tuned to the scarcity and value of water. But we also like pretty things! In an effort to have the gorgeous landscaping that Southern California is known for, embrace the beauty and simplicity of drought tolerant plants. With some planning and a little education, your garden will flourish with color and be good for the environment.

Water – During the first year, water your succulents once a week for a year. After that, you can mainly rely on mother nature. Also note, drought tolerant plants don’t like their tops watered, which can result in crown rot. If possible, position your irrigation so just the roots are getting wet.

Timing – The best time to start this type of garden is in the winter between November and February. This will help your plants establish a good root system once the dry, hot weather of summer arrives.

Planning – When you select your plants, have a plan. Just as you would with water hungry flowers and plants, research which succulents and drought tolerant plants will work best in your garden. Consider sun versus shade, height, density, etc.

Veggies – If a harvestable bounty is your dream, vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, beans, tomatoes and peppers all do well in gardens low on thirst.

No matter your esthetic goals, a beautiful and sustainable front and back yard is not only possible but a rewarding endeavor. Many of our home sites have generous areas for creating a beautiful water conserving garden.

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