Many people think Southern California is all sunshine and blue skies. It really is most of the year. But those in the know are aware we can get some pretty serious rain, wind and occasional fires. Like the song says… “It never rains in California, But girl, don’t they warn ya? It pours, man, it pours.”  Being ready and alert for inclement weather and fire is always advisable. And even if the season is short for these types of activities, it’s peace of mind to know you’re prepared.

Ready your vehicle. Sometimes extreme weather or approaching fires means a quick exit. During the season, try to keep your car in tip-top shape and gassed up. Make sure your windshield wipers are working and not dried out. If they are, replace them right away so they’re usable. Ensure there are charging leads in your car as well.

Prepare a go-kit. In the event of flash floods or reasons that require you to leave your home quickly, pack and store a kit by the door or in the garage stocked with extra phone chargers, some clothes, a charged power bank, water, snacks, some cash, first aid items, batteries, flashlights, etc. It’s best to have one kit for every member of the family.

Download emergency apps. Download apps from local cities, Red Cross, weather, local gas and electric companies, etc., and keep them updated. This way you’ll be informed about current and upcoming conditions. Even some local social media apps and organizations like NextDoor, Twitter and Facebook can help keep you up-to-date with the latest news.

Prepare your home. Trim trees, close patio umbrellas, lower window awnings, put away outside cushions and objects that may be damaged or become airborne by wind or rain. Make sure your trash bins are secure, so they don’t tip over in the wind and spill their contents.

Have a meeting place. If for some reason your entire household can’t leave home at the same time or is coming from different places, devise a specific place to meet so you can all eventually be together. This can be a parking lot, a friend’s house that is out of the area, park or anywhere you can all easily find and meet.

Be prepared for no electricity. In the event your power is cut, have some charged power banks at home you can use to charge your phones. Have flashlights at the ready with new batteries. Stock up on candles and lighters too.

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