If you are a parent of school-aged children, you have no doubt been following the continuous updates about what options will be available for school in the near and somewhat distant future. Some parts of the state will be allowed to return to the classroom with restrictions while other areas will be relegated to strictly online only. Here are a few resources and ideas for coping with this uncertainty.

  1. Get involved. Many districts are asking for input from parents on their needs. You can often attend – virtually – district meetings and online forums. Sign up for as many sources of information as you can. Being informed and getting involved in the process will mean you’re up to date on the most recent decisions.
  1. Prepare your kids. If your district informs you that in-classroom learning is not available, let your kids know early, so they can be prepared for this change. They saw a brief glimpse in the spring, so they have a little experience already with online learning. Be upbeat and enthusiastic about the process and get them excited to see their friends again, even if online only.
  1. Prepare your home. Now is the time to really think about where in your home you’ll be able to set up a school environment more permanently. In the spring, many scrambled for temporary spots like the dining room table. Since this educational scenario may be more long-term, consider dedicating specific rooms – even the garage! – and furniture indefinitely to an-house learning setting. You can have fun with your kids setting up your own “classroom.”
  1. Build your village. This will not be easy, especially for those parents who have other commitments throughout the day. Consider a neighborhood learning co-op where families take turns hosting all the kids one to two days per week. You also can help each other with shopping and meal planning to help ease everyone’s burden.

All the uncertainty about school has been very unnerving for so many mainly because it’s such a fluid topic, but detailed planning and mad organizational skills will help your sanity and your kids’ educational experience.

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