Four (Good!) Reasons to Scoop Your Dog’s Poop

We are very lucky to have so many wonderful people purchase the homes we love to build in our Cornerstone Communities neighborhoods. And for those moving in, it’s a time to get to know your neighbors, explore the community and put down new roots. It’s when we introduce ourselves, our children and our pets to our new friends and build lifelong memories. But sometimes things go awry…

For those neighbors who may at times neglect to clean up after their adorable fur babies, we’d like to provide some reasons why it’s a bad idea for the community as a whole, but for your pet too!

It’s unhygienic inside your home. It may not seem like pet waste outside can affect your home but think about it…what travels on the bottom of your shoes comes straight into your house. Even if it’s not obvious you’ve tracked unwanted substances into your house, microscopic particles are there hanging out with you and your kids on the floor and sometimes furniture.

It causes diseases in other pets and humans. Dog waste carries disease causing bacteria and parasites that are harmful to humans and spread disease to other dogs. This includes E. coli, salmonella, worms, parvovirus, coronavirus, giardiasis among others. And these germs and bacteria can linger in the soil for years even after rain and wind.

It’s just not neighborly. Enjoying the outdoor and our communal areas should be a happy time, but occasionally the event can be marked with frustration and at times anger when dog waste rears its ugly head in popular hang outs. This is the last emotion we should have when we’re outside enjoying our beautiful Southern California weather and new friends.

It’s the law. While there isn’t an official Poop Police regularly roaming neighborhoods, it’s not unheard of for concerned citizens to turn in repeat offenders to the appropriate authorities. In San Diego owners are required to remove any feces to a proper receptacle. (San Diego County Code Section 62.670)

Please let’s all work together to help keep our communities, clean, friendly and healthy for everyone – with or without fur!

If you are continuing your search for a new home, please know Cornerstone Communities is still building homes throughout the county of San Diego and Temecula. To see our homes, we are offering virtual tours on our website, you can chat with us online or we can schedule a private in-person appointment with you.