Services You Can Have Done at Home

In our busy and healthy lives, it’s always easier to have services come to you rather than you go to them. This is especially true if you work full time or have little kids under foot. We’ve found a list of trades and services that will actually do all their work from your own home or driveway. Keep this list handy for the next time one of these items lands on your to-do list!

Pet Grooming. There is no need to drag your terrified pooch all the way to the groomer. Professional pet grooming trucks have everything they need from the soapy bubbles to the utmost patience required to pamper and primp your furry friend right at home.

Car Detail. These pros come with their own water, electricity and expertise to wax, wash and detail your autos at home. Long gone is the day where you must wait and wait at the gas station or auto spa to have your car cleaned.

Window Screen Replacement. Is the California sun burning out your window screens? No problem and no need to remove them, measure them, go to the hardware store and replace them yourself. Instead, this service master will come right to your home and do all the hard work for you.

Auto Body Repair. Yes! If you have had a small to medium fender bender, there are auto body specialists who have the tools to remove dents, make repairs and even paint your car in your driveway or parking space.

Personal Trainer and Gym. A new healthy trend is coming to a neighborhood near you! Professional trainers are outfitting RVs and large trucks with gym and exercise equipment and now will come right to your house for the ultimate and most convenient workout!

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