Setting Up a Productive and Fun Home Gym

Over the last year, many of us have had to be creative with our exercise routines. Since public gyms were out of the question, we had to make some adjustments to where and when we exercise…and some people loved the change! So much so, they have opted for more elaborate home gyms. If you’ve decided to nix your membership and stay home, here are some suggestions for an amazing home gym.

Pick a place. Ideally the room you choose is well ventilated and spacious enough so you don’t feel too closed in. Consider a spare bedroom, a flex space or even the garage.

Soft landing. Cushion your floor area with rubber mats or interlocking tiles. The tiles can also be doubled if you need additional cushioning for high impact routines like jumping rope. They’re also easy to replace, install and remove.

Storage options. Have a good storage solution for your loose equipment and weights that’s easy to access but keeps everything in its place and out of the way when you’re not using it. Shelving, hooks and cubes are good options. Storage bins aren’t always the best because items can get lost at the bottom.

Tech considerations. You may want to have some extra charging stations in this room if you’re using items like a blue tooth speaker, rechargeable ear buds, fitness watch, device, etc. That way they will all be in one place when you need them and ready to go fully charged.

Mounted streaming or mirroring TV. Many of today’s workouts are available online and/or on YouTube. Have your TV mounted in a place where you can see it and where there’s space to do your workout. Even better…add mirrors to the opposite wall, so you can see it no matter what your position is.

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