There are certain truths we know about saving money at home, like turning out lights that aren’t being used and watering your garden every other day. But, there are all sorts of little sneaky ways to save some cents that you may have never even thought of!

Program your thermostat. Of course, a smart thermostat can make this task a little easier because you can do this from your phone or tablet, but the old-fashioned dial or lever thermostats are also programmable. As you set them, think how or when is the best time and temperature for cooling and heating your home.

Keep your fridge and freezer full. By stocking and stacking food in these energy zapping appliances you’re actually saving money. Less open space in the refrigerator or freezer means your items are snug up to each other cooling themselves down.

Say no to heated dry. Your dishwasher’s energy saving cycle is also a money saving cycle. Opt for air dry instead of heated dry and you’ll not just save money…you’ll save on the wear and tear of your dishes and cutlery since they won’t be subjected to such high temperatures.

Cut the cable. With the number of streaming channels now available, the choices for entertaining television are more plentiful than they have ever been. Take a good look at your watching habits and you may be surprised how easy it will be to go without traditional cable.

Slay the electrical vampire. Items plugged in but turned off are still sucking energy. Use a power strip to easily and quickly turn off items in the kitchen or around the house. For example, you can plug the toaster, the coffee maker and the blender into one strip and then turn it on when you need one or all of those devices and off when you’re done.

Land line what? While having an old-fashioned phone in the house might give you a sense of security if the power goes out, the reality is most phone companies are changing over to internet-based hook ups, which means if the power is cut…so is the phone. This means, there is really no good reason anymore to invest a monthly payment into a land line if you have a cell phone for everyone in the household.

Embrace YouTube. There is a video for nearly every home and garden repair online. Search out your keyword or phrase like “repair small drywall hole” and presto, a how-to video will appear, and you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money on a handyman and take some personal pride in fixing it yourself!

Whether you’re putting away money for your first home or upgrading to a larger one, saving money is always a good idea. These tips may help you realize that goal more quickly. Please visit our homes at Cornerstone Communities in the San Diego and Temecula regions to see which one you’d like to see you and your family in sooner than later.