Tips for Sharing a Bedroom

When two (or more) kids share a room, it’s fun to approach it as a perpetual sleepover. When siblings are in the same room, they learn such life skills as boundaries, communication, respect and sharing and they also get to cozy up with their ultimate best friend and may even form an unbreakable bond. As a parent, it’s important to give this space a lot of thought, so all residents feel comfortable and organized in this space.

Use colors. We’re not simply talking about the walls, but the stuff. Assign (or let them pick) a color that will represent their items and spaces. If you have one dresser, use colored drawer pulls so each one knows which drawer is whose. You can paint cubbies to represent each person’s items and even buy colored hangers. 

Storage is key. Like any space at a risk for messiness, don’t underestimate the need for ample storage: shelves, cubbies, dressers and baskets will keep the mess to a minimum and off the floor.

Separate study spots. Your school-aged kids are going to need a study space they can call their own. You can opt for two desks if you have space or dedicate one wall with a long table top (or piece of painted wood) propped up using strong cubes. Complete this look with comfy chairs and each person will have ample space for his/her books, supplies and devices.

Soft and Friendly Dividers. A divider can be cubbies, a nightstand, pillows or anything that says, “this is my side, and this is yours.” Because they are sharing most of the room it’s important each child has some sort of ownership of his/her own side or items. You can even paint the room in two complementary colors.

Think vertically. Floor space can be tight, so consider loft beds with room for storage or study nooks beneath for each or bunk beds that can be separated as they get older. If you choose bunkbeds you can switch top and bottom designations yearly, so each kiddo gets to experience both levels.

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