“Oh well, we’ll just put it in the garage!” How many times have you uttered that statement? And then entered the garage and said, “Where on earth is this going to go??” Help is here. We’ve curated some tips to having an oh-so-organized garage and *gasp* maybe even parking a car in it!

Cut the contents. Do some soul searching and start to rid your garage of items you really don’t need, are broken, are outdated, etc. Start with the paint. Do you really need all those cans? Keep the essentials and toss the dried out and tired colors. Look at the sports equipment. Is it still being used? Is it sellable or could you donate to a local youth group? Do this for your tools your gardening equipment your everything.

Consider every wall and ceiling as storage real estate. Luckily there are storage solutions for walls, floors, behind doors and on ceilings! Once you’ve culled your belongings down to a more manageable level, start determining which ones you need easy access to or which ones you only need occasionally, think holiday decorations versus beach toys.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Buy sturdy, matching storage bins and start packing away your items. Label the outsides and then store accordingly on your new shelves or overhead storage.

Don’t rush the details. Organizing such an enormous space needs planning and patience. While it may seem overwhelming if it’s been a while or never(!) since you’ve tackled this chore, with a little research, a few trips to the hardware store and some YouTube videos, you’ll have a plan you can follow and achieve.

Follow these tips and you’ll no longer need to panic when the garage door is open for the world to see. You’ll be able to drive up and wave to your neighbors as you serenely park your car in its allotted home at the end of a long day. Many of Cornerstone Communities’ houses have multi-car garages. Visit our models today to see the garage of your dreams!