Six Easy Houseplants to Maintain

If you look around your home, you may think something is missing, but you just can’t put your finger on it. Maybe what your décor needs is colorful, lush greenery – the kind you have to take care of aka plants. If you’re intimidated by actual living things you need to maintain, then this list of nearly-impossible-to-kill plants is for you!

Pothos. This trailing ivy style plant survives in near apocalyptic environments. It’s perfect for a room that doesn’t have a lot of light, and if you over or under water it…no worries. It’s not nicknamed Devil’s Ivy for no reason!

Jade Plant. This woody succulent can go for weeks without water. And if you go a little longer than that, it plumps right back up again once you do remember. It’s best in a sunny window.

Spider Plant. If propagation is your thing, then this is the plant for you because it’s famous for its babies! You can snip the little newborns right off and start them in a new pot. Ideally water this plant once a week, and it does like some light.

Aloe. Known for its healing powers, it’s relatively easy to grow and keep alive. You only need to water it every week or so and it can survive in low light. And if you have a burn or need a little moisturizing, cut a piece off and open for soothing aloe straight from the source!

Kalanchoe. This pretty flowering succulent plant blooms in a variety of colors. It can survive a cooler space and it doesn’t demand much of your attention. Just visit it with a watering can every couple of weeks or so.

Philodendron. No windows? No problem. This hearty houseplant doesn’t mind the corners and can get along fine if you forget to water it occasionally.

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