Settling into a brand new neighborhood is the next logical step after moving in. In fact, meeting new friends in a master-planned community can even happen in the sales office before you’ve signed on the dotted line. These tips will have you mingling and mixing with your newest friends in no time.

  1. Help Someone – If you see a neighbor struggling with trimming a tree branch or trying to hang decorations, lend them a hand and maybe your extra tall ladder if you have one! If your next-door neighbor is struggling with dull garden tools, offer them your new sharp ones. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and you may make a quick friend.

  1. Ask for Help – Maybe you’re the one struggling to hang holiday lights or an outdoor decoration and you happen to notice a ladder in your new neighbor’s garage. Climb down off that step stool and walk on over to see if you can borrow it. They’ll likely say yes and, poof, a conversation has started. Of course…be sure to return it promptly.
  1. Host a Party – Once everyone has somewhat settled in, invite them over for an informal gathering with light snacks and refreshments. It can be held in your home or even in front of the house where you can watch the kids play.
  1. Start a Social Media Page – Once all your neighbors have moved into their new homes, start a social media page specifically for your neighborhood. You can pass out fliers with the web address inviting everyone to join. Here you can post events like block parties, fun pictures and write about common issues and opportunities in the neighborhood.
  1. Introduce Your Pets – Walking your dog can have an extreme impact on your social life! When you pass someone also walking a dog, as your pooches say their special hello to each other the humans can converse about where they live and maybe set up future walking dates.
  1. Work On the Front Garden – Landscaping, watering, moving and general front yard maintenance will likely be on your to-do list. Try to schedule this time when you know your neighbors will be out and about.

The vibe of your neighborhood will help dictate your priority of how you meet people. If it’s a quiet community with an older demographic, gardening and walking might be your main way of encountering others. Regardless of where you choose to live, the neighborhoods at Cornerstone Communities will welcome you. Visit our website to see which city and community you’d like to live in.