Specialty Nooks To Create in Your New Home

By definition a nook is small, out-of-the-way spot somewhere in your home. This can be under the stairs, on a landing, in a hallway, under a window, in an attic or even in a closet if done correctly. And once you’ve located your optimal nook location, it’s time to assign it to a job, and the only thing stopping you is your imagination. A traditional nook may be for reading or resting but think of all the other activities your nook could be used for! Here are a few ideas.

Pet nook. Nooks aren’t just for people! Your pet might really love a little privacy at times and a nook is perfect for that. Supply with a cozy bed, some soft lighting and a few toys and treats to keep your feline or canine’s interest.

Game nook. This nook is for fun only! You can start with a table painted with a gameboard on it for checkers or chutes and ladders and work from there. Of course, you’ll need room for a table for four and some shelves and storage for boxes, games, decks of cards and puzzles. Make a plan to meet your family there once a week for good times and memories!

Wrapping nook. No more setting up wrapping stations in random spots like the floor of the lounge or the dining room table. Create a specialty nook and keep all your wrapping essentials organized and easy to find when you need them. You can install a little TV to watch videos and shows about creative wrapping techniques as you go!

Craft nook. This nook is the perfect escape for a little creative energy. Make sure it has ample storage, good lighting and a soft chair to work in. You may want a little wall space to hang patterns or pictures of inspiration you hope to make one day. And of course, you’ll need a spot to show off your finished creations!

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