Woo hoo! Summer is here, and Southern California’s hottest months are just around the corner. We have come up with some cool ways to stay cool for you and your kids.

Sprinkler fun. Many adults may remember jumping through the sprinkler in the yard from their childhood days. Bring back this old school fun by purchasing a garden sprinkler at your local garden center. Your kids (and maybe you too) will love jumping over the water flow. It’s a fun way to keep cool.

Water balloons. This is always a hit! If you know a really hot day is coming up, plan ahead by preparing some water balloons. Do a few every day until you have enough to make a legitimate balloon war! Hint – invest in an automatic filler that attaches directly to your faucet.

Paint with water. Buy new or recycle old paint brushes and fill buckets with water. Let your kids paint the sidewalk and driveway. They’ll stay cool while being creative! Chances are they’ll also paint each other!

Get a pool. Well…you won’t be able to enjoy a real pool if you don’t have one already, but you can invest in a kids’ paddling pool. Some are bigger than others and lots have fun accessories like a water slide or teeter totter.

Trampoline fun. If you have a trampoline, place the hose in the jump zone and watch the water fly as your kids bounce away.

Water pistol or spray bottle fight. Nothing says summer like a super soaker water fight. Buy some quality water guns for your bigger kids and arm your littlest ones with some spray bottles. Just be prepared to be one of their targets!

Car wash antics. If you have bigger kids, get them involved in washing the cars. Inevitably most driveway-based car washes nearly always turn into a water spraying event and a great way to cool down.

Slip and slide. You can never go wrong with this classic. If you can’t find the original at the store or you prefer to DIY, you can use a tarp in the same way. Just add water and let the slipping and sliding begin!

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