If you’re like many people in December, you may be in a small state of holiday panic…from the shopping to the planning to the cooking to the cleaning to the decorating! And when you’re amidst all this hustle and bustle, it’s easy to become distracted and to overlook a few simple tasks that will keep you, your home and your family safe.

  1. While you’re shopping, pay special attention to your surroundings and especially your belongings. You may be carrying around heaps of bags and boxes from store to store, so it’s easy to leave one behind or to have one taken from you without even knowing it. Try to consolidate everything into as few bags as possible, use a cross body purse (so it’s one less thing to think about) and keep alert in stores and parking areas.
  2. Wine, cocktails and champagne tend to flow easily and often during the holidays. Be smart when imbibing and prepare for a ride home in advance or simply abstain from drinking at all. Sparkling water can be just as festive as sparkling wine!
  3. If you’ve opted for a real tree, follow all the safety rules that come with such a purchase. Make sure the tree lights are off when you’re in bed or out of your home; always keep its base topped up with water; and don’t place it near any open flames or heat outlets.
  4. If you’re planning to do a lot of online shopping – and let’s face it…who isn’t! – pay close attention to your delivery texts, emails, video doorbells and smart home notifications. If at all possible, pick up any packages immediately from outside as soon as they arrive. If you know you can’t be home, make plans with a neighbor to grab them for you.

Even though these tips are quite simple, it’s very easy to neglect them when you’re so busy. All of us at Cornerstone Communities hopes you and your family fully enjoy all the fun and festivities this season has to offer! Happy holidays!